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Online Marketing

Our sister agency Cascade Digital, specialises in online marketing. We integrate all our services to make sure delivery is seamless and quickly deployed.

See Cascade Digital

Digital & Web Development

We can do simple websites or we can do amazing web applications.

Our development teams can take a static website and develop a mission critical application. Whether this is an AJAX system or location aware Mobile apps. We can help you achieve your brand’s full potential. Call us to discuss your great idea, so we can start to make it happen.

Previously, we have developed location aware mobile applications for inventory, invoice and asset tracking for TES.

Website Design

All our creatives are ADOBE® certified, this means you get world class site design. To support them we have a team of developers who specialise in AJAX, PHP, FileMaker, SQL and Java.

Give us a call to see how we can develop your web site’s potential.

Previously we have developed a full PHP image delivery system for Giorgio Armani:

Armani / RED

Armani / RED

Digital Campaign Design

Digital Campaigns are multi-facet, multi-channel and often multi-target. Because of this we have developed best in class working practices to make sure we can deliver a consistent campaign assets across all activity areas.

See our case study on Abercrombie and Fitch for an example of previous work.

Digital Advertising Design

We can help you develop an online advertising campaigns based on target audience profile, ad-serving systems or partner site requirements.

Call or email us to chat about your campaign and see how we can drive clickthru.

Here is an example of a previous campaign:



eCommerce Design

Creating an eCommerce system is a fast and relatively cheap way to take your business on-line.

We can create a store for your brand, which can integrate shopping carts and payment gateways into a backend Content Management System (CMS), which makes updating your store quick and efficient.

Call us for more details on how we can develop your online e-commerce presence.

Here is an example of a store we have built which sells cool Wall Stickers for DecoSticks.

DecoSticks Wall Stickers

DecoSticks Wall Stickers

Corporate Identity

We can help you create a recognisable brand that is distinctive and unique. But this is not just about creating a logo. We develop full corporate brand guidelines which take a logo and create a brand.

Q: What are corporate brand guidelines?
A: How to use your brand in every possible way, consistently and correctly. It is a thorough document that sets out how to maintain a consistent brand “look” from internal and external documents to advertising and promotion.

A: If your brand identity is consistent, from emails to advertising, the ability for customers to recall your brand is dramatically improved. Consistency of message and the way it is displayed, is a crucial first step to making a brand.

An example of a corporate identity we have created:



Brand Design

We can help you take your brand up a gear. If you want to re-brand or develop an existing brand, call us we would be happy to chat about your needs.

Here is an example of brand development for Dolce & Gabbana



Design for Advertising & PR

Design for advertising and PR is a specialised discipline. But not rocket science.

Give us a call to see how we can boost your sales, win new business or tell the world about your amazing product.

If you are interested in Rocket Science.

If you are interested in some of our design work.

An example of integrated PR and advertising campaign we have produced:

Diet Coke Swimsuit Print Campaign

Diet Coke Swimsuit Print Campaign

Also see our Tools section for information on Billboard Poster Sizes

Packaging and On-Pack Promotion

On pack promotion can invigorate sales and generate brand loyalty.

We have worked on the following projects (*through agency):

my Coke Music (*BD)

My Coke Music

My Coke Music

Fanta “Text to collect”(*BD)

Fanta packaging

Fanta packaging