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Dry Phone

How to dry your iPhone?

What do you do when you drop your iPhone in water? First thing is to place it in a Dry-Phone and get rid of all the moisture as quickly as possible. The next job is to back it up and make sure you have rescued all your precious data.

Cascade created the brand, product and website.

How to save your iPhone from water damage.

How to save your iPhone from water damage.

For more information on how to save your iPhone from water damage, visit the Dry-Phone website.

Discovery Channel UK

Brief: To conceptualise what London would look like in 2112. Cascade worked with Sci-fi concept artist Ian McCaughrean to produce this fantastic futuristic image based on research of current scientific trends.

Concept Design London 2112

Concept Design London 2112

The Mighty Eagle – Den Kits, Foraging Kits, Firelighting and more

The Mighty Eagle - adventure and ideas

The Mighty Eagle - adventure and ideas

Den Kits, Foraging and Firelighting – adventures in the outdoors

We have built an eCommerce and publishing website for outdoor activities and den kit maker The Mighty Eagle.

The Mighty Eagle’s mission is to get families enjoying the outdoors, and has done this through the manufacture of Den Kits, Fire lighting kits and foraging kits.

Their site offers ideas on bushcraft, camping and foraging and is updated daily to help you and your family enjoy the outdoors.

Cascade also designed Twitter and Facebook elements to the Mighty Eagle site to match the adventurous feel.

Follow The Mighty Eagle on Twitter and like The Mighty Eagle on Facebook.

Summer on the Sofa Report

Summer on the Sofa Report

Summer on the Sofa Report

Design and create the “Summer on the Sofa” report for Freeview. 2012 is unparallelled with the amount of sport being shown on TV. The report is an in depth look at how television viewing of sport will affect our nation.

Read the report about how sport viewing will affect the summer of 2012

Web Design – Kudos Hair Salon, York

When Simon Newall approached us to help him create a website experience for his hair and beauty company, Kudos in York, he was taken by our existing relationships with other top hair brands. For him, using Cascade Creative was a quick win. Cascade knows the beauty business inside out and has worked on lots of hair brands including Nicky Clarke and John Frieda. Simon wanted his site to cut it above the rest of the competition in his city.

How did we approach this? After a bit of research we quickly noticed the competition were using stock images from their product suppliers and we felt Simon needed to differentiate. The obvious solution was to create a fashion style brand around what Kudos could achieve – beauty at professional standards with boutique care and attention to detail.

Kudos hair salon, York, United Kingdom

Kudos hair salon, York, United Kingdom

Kudos Hair Dressing, York

motorsport branding specilaists

Cascade has a long track record working with motorsport. (Pardon the pun)

We have designed bikinis for the Fosters Pit Girls at the Belgian F1 Grand Prix to branding the launch of the Audi R10 in Paris.

Cascade specialises in developing and designing the brand image, from on-car graphics to event branding, merchandising and information packs. Contact us for more information on our motorsport design packages.

Here are some motorsport links for your enjoyment:
Radio Le Mans
Audi Motorsport
Race car graphic ideas

ITV Broadcast production

Brief: Film the ITV late night Glitterball girls in Dubai having a photoshoot for the Daily Star.

Miller Genuine Draft – Pedro Winters

Brief: Film, edit and add motion graphics to present the Miller Genuine Draft GFC. Filming will be in Paris with Pedro “Busy P” Winters the legendary french DJ and owner of Ed Banger records. (Note: this clip is not the final version that went out – we just liked dropping our name in 😉

Video Production

Cascade Creative is a London and York based creative video production company. We deliver cutting edge DVD and video and specialise in HD and digital workflows.

We pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most innovative and creative agencies. With offices in Yorkshire as well as the West End of London, this means we can offer high-end HD broadcast quality motion graphics and video production up and down the country and competitive rates.

Our studios can also deliver DVD authoring, design and duplication, or if you prefer, we can also provide digital video in most formats, including SD Card, branded memory sticks or online via FTP.

Our corporate broadcast clients include ITV and Miller Genuine Draft

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Studio

Bobbi Brown Studio

Brief: Design and create on-counter cards for customers to record make-up stylist recommendations.