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motorsport branding specilaists

Cascade has a long track record working with motorsport. (Pardon the pun)

We have designed bikinis for the Fosters Pit Girls at the Belgian F1 Grand Prix to branding the launch of the Audi R10 in Paris.

Cascade specialises in developing and designing the brand image, from on-car graphics to event branding, merchandising and information packs. Contact us for more information on our motorsport design packages.

Here are some motorsport links for your enjoyment:
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ITV Broadcast production

Brief: Film the ITV late night Glitterball girls in Dubai having a photoshoot for the Daily Star.

Miller Genuine Draft – Pedro Winters

Brief: Film, edit and add motion graphics to present the Miller Genuine Draft GFC. Filming will be in Paris with Pedro “Busy P” Winters the legendary french DJ and owner of Ed Banger records. (Note: this clip is not the final version that went out – we just liked dropping our name in 😉

Veet advertorial with Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost

Brief: Advertorial photoshoot with Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten for Veet

Mobile, PDA and iPhone development

We can help take your brand mobile. Whether it is re-configuring your site to work on traditional WAP browsers, optimising for iPhone or iPad, or generating Apps. We have a specialist team who can help produce very clever tools.

Recently we have developed a location aware system which tracks assets in real time, automaticaly issues invoices from a back office system, collects vital signatures and delivers health and safety notes to people in the field. All running on ruggedised PDA mobiles. Perfect for managing a nationwide transport company dealing with hazardous materials.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Every site we develop has Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. Visibility and first result page success is key. We do not employ Black Hat techniques or spam. Everything we do is transparent and ethical, that way we can maintain integrity for the brands we are developing and working on.

Call us to discuss how we can optimise your online presence.

Social Media Marketing

We can help develop communities and social media marketing campaigns. We have very clear, and transparent methods to achieve this. Call us to discuss your needs.

Previously, we have worked with O2 and Endemol productions to produce a mobile social media campaign.

Online Marketing

Our sister agency Cascade Digital, specialises in online marketing. We integrate all our services to make sure delivery is seamless and quickly deployed.

See Cascade Digital

Digital & Web Development

We can do simple websites or we can do amazing web applications.

Our development teams can take a static website and develop a mission critical application. Whether this is an AJAX system or location aware Mobile apps. We can help you achieve your brand’s full potential. Call us to discuss your great idea, so we can start to make it happen.

Previously, we have developed location aware mobile applications for inventory, invoice and asset tracking for TES.

Website Design

All our creatives are ADOBE® certified, this means you get world class site design. To support them we have a team of developers who specialise in AJAX, PHP, FileMaker, SQL and Java.

Give us a call to see how we can develop your web site’s potential.

Previously we have developed a full PHP image delivery system for Giorgio Armani:

Armani / RED

Armani / RED