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Web Design – Kudos Hair Salon, York

When Simon Newall approached us to help him create a website experience for his hair and beauty company, Kudos in York, he was taken by our existing relationships with other top hair brands. For him, using Cascade Creative was a quick win. Cascade knows the beauty business inside out and has worked on lots of hair brands including Nicky Clarke and John Frieda. Simon wanted his site to cut it above the rest of the competition in his city.

How did we approach this? After a bit of research we quickly noticed the competition were using stock images from their product suppliers and we felt Simon needed to differentiate. The obvious solution was to create a fashion style brand around what Kudos could achieve – beauty at professional standards with boutique care and attention to detail.

Kudos hair salon, York, United Kingdom

Kudos hair salon, York, United Kingdom

Kudos Hair Dressing, York