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Corporate Identity

We can help you create a recognisable brand that is distinctive and unique. But this is not just about creating a logo. We develop full corporate brand guidelines which take a logo and create a brand.

Q: What are corporate brand guidelines?
A: How to use your brand in every possible way, consistently and correctly. It is a thorough document that sets out how to maintain a consistent brand “look” from internal and external documents to advertising and promotion.

A: If your brand identity is consistent, from emails to advertising, the ability for customers to recall your brand is dramatically improved. Consistency of message and the way it is displayed, is a crucial first step to making a brand.

An example of a corporate identity we have created:



Brand Design

We can help you take your brand up a gear. If you want to re-brand or develop an existing brand, call us we would be happy to chat about your needs.

Here is an example of brand development for Dolce & Gabbana



American Express

American Express Centurion

American Express Centurion

Brief: Create a new logo design for American Express Centurion (Black). Design the American Express luxury report to help position the brand as an authority in the field of wealth and luxury goods.

TES – Travers Environmental Services

TES - Travers Environmental Services

TES - Travers Environmental Services

Brief: Rebrand TES. Roll out to vehicles and all communications. Introduce eCommerce and mobile tracking systems.

Conclusion: We are very proud to have worked on TES for a number of years. During this time they have grown from a small family run company, to one of the largest liquid waste management companies in the UK.

Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) Golden Age of Couture

V&A Victoria and Albert Museum logo

V&A Golden Age of Couture Logo

Brief: Create an identity for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition.
Included: Logo, identity, brochure, launch invites, tickets.

Additional information: As far as we have been lead to believe, this was the first time the V&A has allowed its core logo to be altered in any way. Although we never usually change a logo, we decided to be cheeky. The idea was taken from Christian Dior’s “New Look” couture collection from 1947. We thought it might just work. Apparently Alexandra Shulman said it was “Inspirational”. Thank you Alexandra, we love your work too.